Grace Magnusen

Shooting Staff

My love for archery began in 2015 when I joined a local Homeschool NASP Archery team. In 2016 our NASP team signed up to do a concession stand at the ASA Foley shoot. I decided two weeks before this tournament that I’d like to try it out. My parents bought me a hunting bow at a local hunting shop, we knew absolutely nothing about this new piece of equipment. I shot the whole tournament without even moving the pins. This tournament was not only my first 3D tournament, but was also my first national shoot. My world completely changed from that weekend forward. I started in High School Pins and have worked my way through the classes. I’ve had the privilege of earning 7 podium top 3 finishes in my National ASA and S3DA career. I’ve earned around 20 top 5 wins in ASA, S3DA, Gator Cup and very recent the IOWA Pro/Am. Another big achievement was winning S3DA National Shooter of the in Year 2019. I’m looking forward to the next couple of years. I’ll be shooting Women’s Known 50 this 3D season. With plans to work my way to Women’s Known Pro. 2023 will be my first year to shoot in the USA USAT series. My goal would be to take my love of archery to other countries. Getting to represent my country while shooting my bow would be such an honor. I just earned my Associates Degree in Pastry. Baking is my second passion. I am currently working at two schools. One homeschool co-op and one private school. Both schools I am teaching children the joys of archery. At one of the schools I have a NASP archery team and I am so enjoying watching them grow as competitive archers. I can’t imagine my life without archery. I am looking forward to many years of the sport and sharing my passion with others.